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Wearables motivate users to make and keep positive lifestyle changes by taking an active role in their health and wellbeing.

Silicone Band

Gel Pad


The medical community is realising the value of wearables. Between 2008 and 2018 there was a 580% increase in research articles published that contained ‘wearable’ and ‘heart rate’ and in 2019, a study found that wearable technology supported weight loss better than classical methods.

Heart Rate
Health monitoring, straight from the heart

Heart rate is an important measure of overall health. The Daatrics IoT Platform can include an optical heart rate sensor for users to monitor static and dynamic heart rate as well as heart rate variability.

Heart rate monitoring during exercise means users can adjust their workout intensity to target fat loss, count calorie expenditure and prevent overtraining while resting heart rate is a measure of cardiovascular fitness.

Heart rate variability measures intervals between heartbeats and reflects the ability of physical and mental systems to respond effectively to stress. Increased heart rate variability is linked to improved health, productivity, and cognitive performance.

Respiratory Rate
Work hard, breath easy

During the breath cycle, heart rate naturally varies in a measure known as Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA). Products incorporating these sensors will extrapolate the respiratory rate from RSA measures to support health, fitness, and productivity applications.

In combination with heart rate data, respiratory rate provides an overall indication of cardiovascular health and can be used to assess metrics ranging from stress to the different stages of sleep.

During exercise, respiratory rate is a sensitive measure of effort. The breath cycle changes rapidly as load increases meaning our sensors can record even short intervals of high exertion characteristic of HIIT and sprint training.

Blood pressure
Looking after the World’s health, no pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent disease. With almost no physical signs or symptoms, half of adults with hypertension are unaware they have it. Hypertension vastly increases the risk of serious health conditions including heart disease and strokes, making it a leading cause of death globally.

Regular monitoring of blood pressure is key to diagnosing hypertension, however uncomfortable cuff devices are neither user friendly nor practical for daily use at home. Our PPG sensors discreetly and comfortably measure blood pressure at the wrist, alerting users if they need to see their physician.

Ambient noise level
Making an audible difference to workplace wellbeing

The working environment is one with numerous hazards. Noise is the most common of these with impacts on employee safety, efficiency, and concentration.

Daatrics IoT Platform-based products have the option to include a microphone for ambient noise detection, alerting users when the environmental noise level reaches unsafe or undesirable levels.

This data can be used to enable the design of safe working practices or preventive activities that limit employee exposure to harmful noise levels. Wearables with haptic feedback can alert workers using hearing protectors to approaching hazards such as vehicles.

Extremely High Noise Level
You are being exposed by high amount of noise level. Please, reduce the noise level to protect your hearing abilities.

Humidity sensing
Personal wellbeing
no sweat

Wearable IoT Products integrating the Daatrics Platform hygrometer module can be used in several innovative ways.

Personal humidity sensors can monitor real-time air quality data and collect data on the wearer’s exposure to hazards or triggers in their personal or working environment. For health monitoring applications, information on ambient humidity is useful for homeowners with asthma, sinus problems and other respiratory illnesses. Controlling moisture levels in the home can help to reduce the presence of certain bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens.

Combined with temperature data, wellness and exercise applications can give users an estimate of sweat loss, with prompts to hydrate to maintain performance.

We’ll take the heat

The earlier a disease such as COVID-19 is diagnosed, the better the prognosis; fever is often the first detectable sign of illness or infection. With temperature in combination with other vital sign measurements (Respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure) users have access to a real time overview of their health status.

Thermal information is also a useful indicator of general health as it naturally changes in different physical states. Serial measurements can be used to track important processes such as stress, emotions, fertility, and metabolic rate.

Sleep Tracking
Nothing can replace a good night’s sleep

The Daatrics IoT Platform can offer a sleep tracking function to a wearable product by combining dynamic heart rate measurements with motion and activity detection

Sleep is an integral component of physical and mental health. Quality sleep positively impacts everyday alertness and performance while reduced sleep is associated with obesity, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease and reduced insulin sensitivity.

With measurements of sleep pattern, duration, and quality at their fingertips, your users are supported to maintain optimal physical and psychological wellbeing.

Daatrics IoT Platform-based products that include the respiratory sensor alongside our sleep tracker will be able to integrate breath cycle data — giving users feedback on their sleep quality and efficiency.

Activity detection
Moving with you

All users have felt the frustration of forgetting to start on their fitness tracker. Products including the Daatrics IoT platform accelerometer will automatically detect physical activity, alerting users and letting no workout go unrecorded.

The Daatrics IoT Platform accelerometer is designed to support health and productivity applications. Our motion detection sensors can be integrated into IoT products to detect and record a range of activity states from "sleeping" to "active" or "calm" to "bustling".

Step counter
Stepping up for a healthy body and mind

Daatrics IoT Platform products can incorporate a step counter to support health and wellness applications.

A higher step count is associated with physical health benefits such as reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Physical benefits aside, accumulating a greater number of steps per day can also boost mood and is associated with lower levels of anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Counting steps allows users doing ‘non-exercise’ activities like gardening or housework to track duration and intensity. Among these individuals who do not perform traditional exercise activities, the 24h step count is a valuable metric to help them achieve recommended amounts of physical activity.

Fall detection
Lifesaving technology, always at hand

Fall detection technology supports an independent lifestyle for senior users, persons with disabilities and persons with chronic illness. Falling is a major cause of hospitalisation and many people who experience falls are unable to get back up unassisted. Our fall detection technology can prevent hospitalisation and save lives.

The Daatrics IoT Platform based product can include an accelerometer to detect a fall event, signalling when a user requires assistance from carers and can even send out an SOS alert to emergency services.

Distance Travelled
Go the distance

Daatrics IoT platform-based products can track total distance travelled*. The Daatrics platform supports fitness applications by giving users accurate feedback on distance travelled, elapsed time and speed. This data motivates athletes of all levels to remain motivated by setting new targets, reviewing progress, and helping them to hit new personal bests.

*Data input requires: User height (in,cm)

Calorie Tracker
Count on us

Daatrics IoT Platform-based products can estimate calories burned* (kCal/hr) based on user input of gender, weight, and height. Achieving a consistent calorie deficit is directly associated with weight loss.

*Data input requires: User Height (in, cm), Weight (lb, kg), Gender (male, female), Age (years)

To help with weight loss, data on calories allows users to tailor exercise duration, intensity, and frequency. Users can set a custom target, with real-time data, live counts and activity prompts to help them over the line.

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