Turnkey product design services

At Daatrics we specialize on small form factor IoT devices design and manufacturing.

Industrial design

From concept to craftsmanship

We manage the entire industrial design process. From digital sculpting and aesthetics to part alignment and assembly.

Concept design
Aesthetic appeal & craftsmanship considerations
Part Alignment
Exploded view
Mechanical Engineering

Engineering by design

The size constraint of wearable devices makes designing them a specialized skill. Our engineers know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. With deep expertise in the field, we cover every facet from design through to manufacture and user safety.

Product design for manufacturing and assembly (DFM and DFA)

Design for safety, reliability, usability, and modularity

Electrical and Mechanical Bill-of-Materials (BOM) management

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD and T)

Tolerance stack-up analysis

Cost optimization

Design for mechanical and thermal stress

Product Documentation

Accurate documents
for precise production

Complete, accurate documents are important for sharing product requirements with a contract manufacturer. At Daatrics our experienced team develops documentation to internationally recognized ISO standards, allowing a smooth transition to mass production.


Hierarchy and naming rules for Parts/SUBASSY/ASSY


Rules for filling in the template


Rules for managing change history, DCR and revision

For mechanical parts and plastics

  • Part/SUBASSY/ASSY drawings

  • Part/SUBASSY/ASSY CAD files

  • Part and ASSY samples

For Printed Circuit Board Assembly

  • Gerber file design and (Design for Manufacturing) DFM analysis

  • Multiple Gerber files with a simple explanation text README file

  • Board Layer Stack up

  • Detailed Bill of Materials with full part names/numbers for standard pack quantity of 3k+ units and multiple alternatives for passive components

  • Pick and place file/Component placement list

  • Assembly schematics

  • PCB Golden Sample for benchmarking

For input and output quality control

  • Testing manuals

  • Input tests for each part (if required) and output to be measured

  • Production test flow for Parts/SUBASSY/ASSY and Final Assembly (FA) device testing phases

  • Manufacturing requirements and specifications

  • Testing jigs and fixtures

Hardware design

Peak performance through design

Hardware design is a key factor in determining the success of a wearable. Our expertise results in cutting-edge hardware that balances factors like low power design and energy efficiency, with aesthetics and function.

Design of PCB Stack up, material selection and core layout structure

Design of multilayer High-Density Interconnector PCBs

Design of complex shape Ultra-thin Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)

Hardware projects using a wide array of MCUs

Development of Low-Power Power Management circuits (PMCs) for small form factor devices

Calculation of Relative Dielectric Constant (εr)

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding for rigid PCBs

Development of PCB assembly test methodologies

Implementation of electrical potential equalization and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection circuit arrangements

Design of battery management and protection systems for LiPo battery pack

Firmware Design

Building in optimal resource management

The real-time processing capabilities of wearable devices necessitates high throughput. To meet these demanding requirements, our team of firmware engineers specialize in designing low-power, efficient firmware for optimal resource and power management.

Development based on Embedded Linux, Android, RTOS, Bare-Metal

Development of biometric and motion algorithms for pulse oximetry, gyroscope/accelerometer, temperature, and galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors

Wireless connectivity (BLE, Wi-fi, LTE), secure over-the-air (OTA) updates

Firmware development for ESP (ESP32), ST (STM32), Nordic (NRF32), Unisoc (SL8541E), Mediatek (W350), Goodix (GR551), Telink (TLSR9), Nations (N32), Realtek (RTL87), Dialog (DA14), Semtech (LR1110)

Development of battery-efficient applications and FW drivers

Cellular and connectivity module design

Keeping users connected and secure

In the IoT landscape connection is crucial. Built-in cellular and connectivity modules allow users to untether from their smartphones. At Daatrics our in-house team aims to deliver high-quality connectivity that keeps users connected and their information secure.


Radiofrequency (RF) Path engineering, simulation, and matching


IoT SIM Applet for Secure End-2-End Communication (IoTSAFE) compliant


IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) compliant.


Implementation of Embedded SIM (eSIM)/Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) in Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) or Machine-to-machine Form Factor (MFF2)


RF calibration for wireless interfaces such as LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi, BT, GNSS etc.

LDS and Chip antennas ground plane design

  • Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) and Chip Antennas ground plane of the PCB design

  • LDS and Chip antenna prototyping, optimization, and validation

Custom Batteries

Efficient power
Compact Fit

Smart use of space is critical in wearable technology. Therefore, batteries must be efficient and provide high energy density. We assist with the design and manufacture of power sources to meet the precise product requirements of small form factor devices.

Module Design


UL Certification

Manufacturer Sourcing

Safety Certification


Taking wearable tech from prototype to production

Prototyping is a key process in the development of wearable technology. Above all, it allows for end-user research, fine-tuning of the user experience and can increase the value proposition of your product. Our prototyping processes provide a firm foundation for product validation, data collection and cost-cutting.

Plastic molding design
Sourcing prototype materials to match production material specifications
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine treatment
Cold vacuum molding

High-quality production at a lower cost

We provide consulting and support throughout the manufacturing process. Our production management team is dedicated to maintaining and improving product quality while reducing manufacturing costs and lead times.


Supplier Sourcing


Design for Manufacturing (DFM)




Functional testing (FCT) and Quality Control


Packing and logistics

Product Certification

for the global market

Attaining conformity with international standards is a time consuming, complex process vital to enable sale across economic areas. At Daatrics, we fully understand the principles and processes to ensure our products meet these stringent standards.


Radiofrequency regulations (CE, FCC, RED, RCM)


General safety standards (CE, WEEE, ROHS, REACH, CPSIA),


Battery Safety Standards (UL, UN 38.3, IEC-62133-2) and more.

Our expert team are here to answer your questions.

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