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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting and rapidly expanding sector with a growing influence on industry and society. In the coming years, IoT spending is forecasted to reach a total of $1.1 Trillion with over 75 billion devices connected worldwide.

With infinite applications, IoT devices hold the potential to disrupt and transform almost any process and will remain at the forefront of the global transition intoa digital future.


Trillion growth expected


Billion devices connected worlwide

Environmental Temperature
Smart thermal monitors for quality, safety, and efficiency

Thermal monitoring has use cases across various industries. In the food and pharmaceutical sectors, controlled temperatures are important in ensuring the quality and safety of perishable goods. In logistics and warehousing operations, it is vital to maintain a controlled environment for temperature-sensitive products. In manufacturing and computing, temperature fluctuations can alert engineers to malfunctions and other performance issues, reducing maintenance costs and downtime

The Daatrics platform-based product can include thermal sensors linked with centralized software, which records real-time temperature information for remote monitoring and control of ambient conditions.

Environmental Noise Detection
Safe and sound

Stand-alone ambient noise detection has a variety of use cases. A Daatrics powered IoT device can monitor the status of machinery or equipment by analysing changes in acoustic emissions. Real-time audio data can be used to track wear and tear and predict when maintenance is necessary, minimizing disruptions and maintenance costs.

Products based on the Daatrics IoT platform can also be used in sound monitoring systems. These systems can be used in acoustics checks for musical performances or to help companies in industries such as construction to manage noise levels and avoid any violations.

Relative humidity sensing
Monitoring small changes reducing large costs

Small fluctuations in humidity can have disastrous effects. Products including Daatrics humidity sensors record instantaneous changes in relative humidity and provide actionable data. As with temperature monitoring, the potential applications are far-reaching.

With real-time data, assets ranging from valuable artworks to whole fields of crops can be protected and preserved. In combination with thermal information, relative humidity is foundational to cold storage, logistics, transportation, and smart HVAC systems.

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